Provide more detail in SFDC campaigns

Provide more detail in SFDC campaigns

Currently, we're only able to create the name for the SFDC campaign. We want more!

It would streamline our workflow processes if we could also add a "start date" to the SFDC campaign within Marketo.

It would also be helpful to be able to create a "SFDC parent campaign field" in Marketo that would like to the SFDC campaign object.

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Hi Christina,

In fact all the campaign fields should be mapped and be available as tags in Marketo and some of them could be set when creating the campaign from Marketo.


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Duplicates with this one:

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How I long for better Marketo program integration with SFDC Campaigns at Grand Parent, Parent & Child Campaign levels...

We can only hope someday.

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Thanks for sharing!

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Absolutely. It's just very disappointing that we can't build a smartlist that pulls in members of an SFDC campaign based on standard field values (such as "active"!) or custom fields. Of course, we also need them available as triggers too. We actually have more visibility into custom member statuses ... but only when referenced in the context of identifying the campaign, which once again puts you at the mercy of needing more flexible and scalable ways to identify campaigns beyond doing a kludgy "contains" match on a campaign name.

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