Programs Multiselect Option

Programs Multiselect Option

Hi Team,


If we have multiple programs in the instance and we want to move them to a single folder then we need to move each and every program to that folder. 

The drag-and-drop feature is helpful here, however, if we have a huge number of programs then this will consume more effort, so would it be possible to have a program multi-select option? This will help us in multi-selecting our assets and moving them all at once. 



Level 4

This would be fantastic, especially if the function's performance were improved at the same time so that moving multiple items took less bandwidth. I find that if I'm trying to move a folder with multiple programs in it, the move function fails more often than it succeeds.

Level 10 - Community Advisor

Agreed! Performance optimization is needed as well. 

Level 1

100% on board with this suggestion. January's organising and archiving of multiple programs is proving very tedious!