Program Reporting Model Flexability in RCA

Program Reporting Model Flexability in RCA

Looking for more flexibility around how to measure leads moving through the funnel. The current Model Performance Analysis report in RCA is great for high level reporting of model movement but doesn't provide enough detail. It's like saying the average customer walking into Sears spends $56 but but being able to break that out by Male/Female.

Specifically, I want to break out the flows by programs and by various lead fields.

Use cases

  • Using the Male/Female example noted above, how do Marketing Gen leads perform vs Sales Gen leads? Ideally, we'd have access to a field called something like Generated Source to answer that question.
  • Which channel works better for accelerating leads from MQL to SQL? For example, if a Trade show is 35 days and a webinar is 4 days, that supports an initiative to do more webinars.
  • On a field level, how does the US Geo perform vs the UK geo in terms of SQL to Won? If the UK is taking 20 days to close while the US is taking 40 days, it's time to look at the UK processes to understand what that team is doing so well.

Proposed solution

  • Add Customer Lead-level fields to the report criteria. At the very least, we could use this as a workaround by using the Acquisition Program Channel field as a proxy for the Program.
  • Add Programs and Channels to the report criteria

Any other workarounds?

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Fantastic idea, Jeff. I NEED ​this like yesterday.

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