Possiblity to change the default partition/workspace in Marketo

Possiblity to change the default partition/workspace in Marketo

Hello Team,

We would like to change the default partition in our Marketo instance, after raising several tickets to Marketo Support, we have been made aware that this is currently not possible. However, it's extremely important for us and seems to be a very basic but important functionality.

- We are a multinational company and our Marketo instance is being used by many business units at a very advanced level. 

- When we first started using Marketo, we launched a pilot with our French Business Unit (BU) and after being used successfully we introduced Marketo to all the other countries/business units.
- Due to this, in our Marketo instance the partition used by France (intensively) is our default partition
- We, at a Group level were not aware of this until recently. We had not been informed about this when we were widening our Marketo usage
- Ideally, the partition used by the Group should be the default partition and should have access to all the other partitions.

- As France is just a BU, we (at a Group level) cannot give it rights to have access to all the leads from other BUs (Partitions)
- We do not have an option of Global Reporting in the Group as it's not the default partition due to which we are unable to create any reports at a Group Level
-As we cannot give the entire database access to France , we are unable to create Global reports in France
-Leads that come through any external integrations, first land in France and then we have to re-allocate them to the correct partitions
- As our Marketo usage is getting advanced day by day, we have a lot of internal workflows, just to make sure that our leads to right partition

- The possibility to change the default partition
- The possibility to migrate France to a new Partition without losing any data (as this is our most advanced BU in terms of Marketo operations)
-The possibility to have Global Reporting in all the partitions and not just the default partition (this can depend on the permission rights of that workspace/partition)

Thank you!

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We have a similar issue where the default partition was erroneously assigned to a small business unit in our initial implementation rather than to the overall group. It's now caused multiple issues with integrations and just complicates things overall.