Notification for excessive volume in Campaign Queue

Notification for excessive volume in Campaign Queue

The Campaign Queue can be an important indicator of system health.  Since excessive volume in the queue can be an indicator of critical issues such as long delays in Syncing or processes completing out of the expected order, timely awareness is important.  However, it is not always convenient or possible to view/refresh the Campaign Queue at all times of the day. It would be great if there were Notifications for the Campaign Queue for excessive volume or delays. This could be the number of campaigns, number of leads in a campaign or total number of leads currently backlogged. To deal with the different needs and activity levels of various clients, the notifiction could be based on user set thresholds.

In general, it's always a good idea to keep an eye on the Campaign Queue when testing and activating new campaigns.  However, sometimes an excessive backlog can develop due to things out of your control and knowledge. An automated alert would be good for those cases.

We recently had an experience where happened to notice that Campaign Queue was much larger than normal, and growing. We have a lead processing campaign with a wait step to allow scoring and other data management campaigns needed for proper routing to fire before syncing the lead to SFDC.  We saw leads synced before they were scored, etc. even when the sync was delayed hours.  Unfortunately, this had been an issue for over a day before we discovered it.

Here are some other ideas for enhanced monitoring features for the Campaign Queue. I've included the links if you want to "like" them, too:

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This would be useful and save time.  Something like a notification over a specific threshold would be great.
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This is critical for our group. Would be great to see this finally happen.

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This would help us out tremendously!

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An hour-by-hour chart that showed the volume of records processed through the campaign queue would be a fantastic complement to this. Think similar to "membership by week" in smart campaigns but hourly for the past 48 hours.