New email editor - Copy to Text button is too hard to find

New email editor - Copy to Text button is too hard to find

Love the cleaner email editor, but the side-by-side HTML and plain text view was extremely handy, as it helped my users remember to hit the "copy to text" button. Now that button is only visible if the text tab is clicked, which is an extra step, but more importantly, it's not easy to find. I've already forgotten to hit it several times with this new interface. Either bring back the side-by-side editor, or make the copy to text button more visible. Better yet, just give the option to do it automatically when the text is modified on the HTML version.

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I have to agree. The old side by side editor made it easier to copy to text and was also a reminder to do it since it was right in front of you. Also, why hide access to the html by requiring us to click More on the toolbar to get to the icon for html??

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I am currently working with our team to add cleaner UX with warnings and indicators to remind users to update the TEXT version.

See this post to track changes to our text editor:

New Text Editor is ****

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We're designing a nice UI indicator that will inform you whether the text version has been updated since the last changes were made to the HTML side. Coming soon!

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This says this was done, but I still don't see the copy to text button back where it used to be. I only see it when I switch to the Text version. It used to be one of the options for the "Email Actions" drop down.

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