Munchkin Webpage Reports and Clean Up ability

Munchkin Webpage Reports and Clean Up ability

We have recently had some issues with our munchkin ending up on pages that do not belong to nor are related to our business as well as have removed our munchkin from old pages after a rebranding.

It would be great to be able to

1. Get a report of all pages where our Marketo munchkin appears so we can track any unauthorized/accidental use.

2. Be able to clean up or remove old or unrelated web pages from our picklist options so our drop downs aren't cluttered or reporting on pages that are not actually a part of our business or not being used anymore.

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We've experienced this issue countless times, usually from foreign domains, and because of this it is sometimes hard to get in touch with the webmaster to tell them to remove the Munchkin code from their website.

What I think happens is that web developers will "borrow" code from other websites and in the process accidentally swipe the Munchkin code too, causing data within Marketo to become skewed. The workaround is to put a filter in place that excludes the new unauthorized domain and all its pages, however some websites have hundreds of pages and excluding them all can be a timely process - also, if the website creates new pages you have to constantly go back and update your filter to exclude it.

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This would help for those who inherit an instance to get up to speed quickly.

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