Merge "Other" and "Unknown" device types in Marketo Email Insights

Merge "Other" and "Unknown" device types in Marketo Email Insights

There's no existing explanation as to what is the difference between "Other" and "Unknown" device types in Marketo Insights reports. I got a confirmation from Marketo Support the other day that they're actually identical; for some reason, some unidentified device types go to Other and others go to Unknown and no-one knows why.

1) IMHO the word "Other" can be misleading, because it sounds like it's not mobile nor desktop nor tablet -- OK, but what is it then? From what "other" devices can one read emails?

2) If they're identical, it means we have to sum the numbers in these 2 categories and build another chart to 'normalize' the report. I'd say half of the report's value is lost if you have to manually process it.

My idea is to merge these 2 categories into one, preferredly not named "Other";

But if there's a reason for both categories to exist separately from each other, the alternative idea is to create documentation on what falls under "Other" and what falls under "Unknown".


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