Marketo Sales Insight Sales Team Usage

Marketo Sales Insight Sales Team Usage

I want to be able to see just how much the features of MSI are being used by sales and not just for sending emails.  There are dozens of apps that can send emails from SF.  My team also use Tout.  I would like to measure and see who uses all the features of MSI and compare it to their performance.  With a price per user basis I feel I should be able to measure these stats.  I also need to justify its effectiveness to sales managers and its price to accounts.

How many people are added on Watch Lists.

How many MSI emails sent last week.

How many Sales Users subscribe to leads/contacts.

How often the full page app is accessed.

Who are the most active Sales Team members using it.

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As an organisation offering subscription-based services ourselves, our clients heavily rely on usage statistics to understand the who/what/where/why around how their company is leveraging our service. Separately, having this information ourselves helps with account planning and highlights any red flags. Not sure why Marketo doesn't see the importance of this as it would likely show a big uptick in renewal of this plug-in.

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Another "idea" to beef up the tool. Please vote:

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Has there been any updates to this, or an eta of when we may see reporting of this kind?

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Hi Steven Reitz​,

I have heard of nothing yet.

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Hi Everyone,

I am the product manager for Marketo Sales Insights and am interested to hear more from all of you on what MSI reports you would find useful for your team as well as for sales managers. If you would be interested in discussing this with me and my team, or have any sales managers we could discuss this with, feel free to reply to this and we can set something up. 



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We recently rolled out MSI to our Sales division - not for sending emails yet...just for viewing emails sent by Marketo.  Later this year, we will be looking into Lead Scoring, Interesting Moments, etc.  
Management is frustrated that the only stat we can provide is number of licensed seats used in the last 30 days.  They would like to know who has/has not accessed MSI, which emails they are viewing, etc.