Marketo ID - allow to push to SFDC

Marketo ID - allow to push to SFDC

It will be awesome for Marketo to allow to push unique Marketo ID into SFDC ID.

Currently this feature is not available.
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Can't you just create a data management campaign to do this? 
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I was told my Marketo support that you cannot bring in Marketo ID into SFDC.

I am looking at the possibility to create a field in SFDC called "Marketo ID" than push Marketo ID to that field.

The reason for doing this is SFDC Ext 18 is unique so is Marketo ID. If we can look up and match at record level we should be able to minimize duplicates.

Can you provide more details on how to do this

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Yes, you would indeed create a new custom field in SFDC, then create the following smart campaign in Marketo:
  • Trigger: Lead is Created
  • Flow: Change Data Value, attribute = "Marketo ID", new value: {{lead.Id}}
Of course, you want to also create a batch campaign for your existing leads. 

Hope this helps. 

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