Marketo Event App - Custom form for guest check-in

Marketo Event App - Custom form for guest check-in

I am setting up the Marketo event app for event check-in for one of our upcoming events. I have a situation where one of my clients wants to have a custom form on the event app to register guests. As of now, the event app has a just simple way of registering the guests by adding some few basics details (FName, LName, Email etc).

Can we have a custom form there so that we capture the exact details that we captured for other registrants thru web-form?

A response would be highly appreciated.

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YES! With our SFDC Admin requiring certain fields (i.e. Country & State) to be populated before it will sync to it, the limited fields allowed in the app's Add A Person option means we have to abandon using this app and go back to xls so we can capture all information.

Not to mention, now with GDPR for events in EU countries, we also need to effectively capture this information as well. If we can't do it all in one app, it's useless.

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I can't beleive Marketo is not taking this seriously. I can see this issue was first raised back in 2014 (in another thread) and nothing has happend:

For me the app is completely useless, as long as I cannot edit the app form. All contacts will end up in the admin Partition/workspace, this is not acceptable. To me it looks like Marketo has abandonned the app completely

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