Marketing Calendar - Provide another view for all scheduled emails

Marketing Calendar - Provide another view for all scheduled emails

 It would be nice to have a public calendar view for scheduled emails for all non Marketo users to view.
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I thought that was going to be the point of the calendar!
It doesn't really matter when I last updated it. It matters what is going out and when!
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Last updated does not really matter. It only matters if you change the date/time, which will reflect on the calendar

Right now the Calendar entry represent when a campaign is set to run. But if a campaign has Send Email, Wait 2 weeks, Send Email - We do not show 2 separate entries. Just when the campaign is set to run.

Ray - you could create a custom entry type to represent the multiple email sends within a campaign. The alternative (which I prefer) is to use multiple email programs. One for each email.


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How can we create custom entries for multiple emails that show the specific send dates on the calendar?
It would be nice to be able to create manual entries to show email dates from campaigns with multiple emails.
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Status changed to: Already have it
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I was also looking for this capability to view ALL scheduled emails (not just in the program view). I'm a little confused by the status, "Already have it." Is this the Marketo Calendar option that you have to pay extra for? Please confirm. Thank you.