Make the Activity Log queryable, exportable and analyzable

Make the Activity Log queryable, exportable and analyzable

I'd like to see the Activity Log information be able to be quereyed, analyzed, exported, etc for true multi-attribution modeling. I would like to be able to use the Activity Log to backtrack and see changes in lead behavior using analysis tools more comprehensive than RCE, along with enriching / overlaying with other data.  Open up the activity log for our queries instead of just a few objects. Make it so we can own our lead data, store it in our data warehouse and do trend analysis.

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Hi Robb,

I agree with you: although it is already possible to extract activity logs using the rest API, the API limitations make it really painful, and sometimes event impossible, especially if you want to want to extract almost all the logs for a large DB.


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I'd love to vote for this idea - is it already in progress?

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