make program name a token

make program name a token

Would love to be able to call the program name as a token, like {{program.program name}} so that I can put it into all of my tracking workflows.  This way, when it's new year and I have to update all of my programs to 2016 I could just change the program name instead of also having to change other workflows and form fields.

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You might want to vote this idea up as it's very similar and wider in scope:

Although I'm not quite understanding how this would help your change-year use-case.  Furthermore, you should leave the program names as-is and just create new programs for the new year.  Otherwise, your reporting can become corrupt.  Especially if you use program name for things like acquisition program name, last touch mql, sal, opp, won program names, etc.

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Hi Robb,

You can also vote here :


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