Make Program Metadata available in Program Reports

Make Program Metadata available in Program Reports

I am faced with ensuring the data quality of programs created at my company. We have a large amount of users creating many programs daily, and I need to speak with the program owners about inconsistencies in the program naming convention and program tags to get them corrected in order to properly track performance.

Currently I can see the create date and last modified date if I view the program in Marketing Activities. Sometimes I can also see which user created/modified the program, but it's not always available. In many cases I cannot identify who created the program, so I need to ask around until I find the person. Tags are not sufficient because they can be set to any value and if a program is cloned then the old values persist onto the new program, whether or not they are accurate. In any case, this is not a scalable solution.

Additionally, I try to track program data changes over time to ensure our data quality is trending in the right direction. However, there is no Program ID available, so the best ID I have is Program Name. This is fallible because part of the DQ exercise is to have my team members re-name any program that doesn't adhere to the naming conventions. If the name changes, I can no longer match last month's reports to this month's in order to see the changes. I could visit every program in Marketing Activities and copy down the ID from the URL, but again this is not scalable.

Ideally Marketo could allow for program metadata to be available in program reports. I would love to be able to run a report to show, for example, all programs created in the past month and have them separated by owner.

Specifically I'd love to see these fields:

  • Program Created Date
  • Program Created By
  • Program Last Modified Date
  • Program Last Modified By
  • Program ID

Having this data available in Program reports - both in Analytics and Revenue Explorer - would greatly enhance my ability to ensure data quality.

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