Lock Down Smart Lists

Lock Down Smart Lists

Administrators have the right to lock a smart list so the users cannot edit the filters.  Like creating your own System Smart Lists  or similar functionality when you share a smart list with another workspace and it creates the read only function (but with that one you can't use the asset).  We have a variety of smart lists that we NEVER want edited, and even go so far as to put "DO NOT EDIT/DELETE" in the naming convention, but through the general nature of people they always seem to get edited anyways.

I would think this would already be an idea somewhere, but I searched for a while and couldn't find it.
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Ideas for folder-level permissions:

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This would be very useful.  Some smart lists are used in nearly all campaigns - its chaos of someone mistakenly changes it.  Would be good to lock down segmentations for the same reason.

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Would love to vote for this a million times.

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Hi Veronica,

Just hit some trouble on this one ?


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