Link token formatting in email editor: have a special email element

Link token formatting in email editor: have a special email element

When using link tokens in emails, the formatting is rendered based on classes and CS that was included in the definition of the token at program level.

This triggers various issues:

  • the user who is setting the token and inserting it in the email is not necessarily versed in CSS
  • If you need to use the same token in different emails places with different formatting, you are stuck with one rendering only. You could use some classes, but it gets very tricky and anyway will not work for email clients that support only inlined CSS

So we need a way to be able to set the styling of a link token at email level, rather than at token level.

it would take the form a new mktoLinkToken element that one could insert in the template and that would take as an input and link token, but that would be styled using the email template code.

The element would enable to select only link tokens in a token selection list.

The element would take some attributes such as "mktoTokenClass" and "mktoTokenStyle" to provide the template designer with a way to define the classes and styles to use, and "mktoLockTokenStyle" or "mktoLockTokenClasses" to enable or disable changes to what is set at the template level.

And of course, the element would render correctly on HTML AND TEXT versions.


Justin Cooperman

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