Limit Salesforce API calls

Limit Salesforce API calls

We have had a scenario where Marketo/Salesforce integration caused a spike in API useage.  This went to 90% of the allowed Salesforce API limits for our organisation.

Going forward this same transactions could exceed the limit in Salesforce and cause Marketo but more importantly other APIs to stop working.

Backupify has a great feature that enables an System Administrator to define how many (Salesforce) API calls it uses on a daily basis.  And based on this stops any additional API calls from being made to Salesforce in a 24 hour period.  In addition when this limit is reached it alerts (via email) the System Administrator who can increase the limits if they feel safe to do so without impacting other applications.  Once the limits are available Backupify would continue it's sync where it left off.

This feature would be great to prevent Marketo accidently exceeding Salesforce API limits. 

The alternative is to set up threshold reporting within Salesforce (which we have) and if the limits are reached to 'Freeze' the Marketo account or disable the Salesforce Sync from with Marketo (then remember to unfreeze/enable) when thresholds reduce.

Thanks for your consideration.
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What was the activity in marketo that caused the large spike in API calls?  I don't think you really want to freeze Marketo activity as that would prevent leads you want getting into the system, say request for demo or new free trials. 

I once exceeded our API limit by uploading a list of 65,000 emails into Marketo.  I learned my leason and changed my SFDC elligible rules to only sync leads into Salesforce that are marketing qualified and ready for sales.  That meant they needed first name, last name, email, company, and a certain lead score threshold. 

If the increase in calls is going to continue, the other option is to request a permanent increase in API calls, but this costs $$$.

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I agree with Jessica, identifying the cause would be safer than capping the sync.

The flow step "Sync Lead to SFDC" uses 1 APIcall per lead.
Most actions, including SOAP API calls, take advantage of packing multiple leads per API call.

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