Let's Talk about Lists -- I would love a List Import Queue (wireframe included)

Let's Talk about Lists -- I would love a List Import Queue (wireframe included)

We ran into issues with list imports the other day that was due to a cluster issue in the sydney datacenter where our instance is hosted. We had 4 lists that were "being imported" and never finished even after 4 days. This got me thinking, we have a Campaign Queue, why not have a List Import Queue/History... This could get cumbersome with how some of us use lists (campaign Triggering) but if it is either tabbed or categorized, based on the following it should be easy to filter and troubleshoot:

Possible List Actions:

  • List Import
  • API List Import
  • Flow: Addition
  • Flow: Removal

Here is a quick and rough mockup -- forgive any inconsistencies, I'm writing in stream of consciousness.


List Name

(With List ID and Link)

Program/Location Name

(With Program/Location ID and Link)

Start Day Date & TimeEnd Date & TimeView list of...
In ProcessList Import

LI 10 -- Import to Program


EVSP 2017-07 -- My Sponsored Event -- MKTO-SFDC (PG2430)7/11/2017 10:00:00

7/11/2017 10:03:00

  • Leads Processed
QueuedAPI List ImportLI 10 -- Import to Program (LI12498)PROB 2017-07 -- My Promotional Outbound Lead Gen Program -- MKTO-SFDC (PG2410)7/10/2017 14:00:007/10/2017 14:05:00
  • Leads Processed
CompleteFlow: RemovalLI -- My Global Static List (LI1244)Lead Database (ML0)7/9/2017 15:05:007/9/2017 15:05:32
  • Leads Processed
Completed With ErrorList ImportLI 10 -- Import to Program (LI124401)EGEB 2017 -- My Ebook Program -- MKTO-SFDC (PG2435)7/8/2017 08:00:007/8/2017 08:00:00
  • Leads Processed
  • Leads with Errors
In Process / StuckImport to ListLI 10 -- Import to Program (LI124307)EMOP 2017-07 -- Operational Email -- MKTO-SFDC (EBP435)

7/7/2017 10:00:00AM

  • Leads Processed to Date
CompleteFlow: AdditionLI -- Static List (LI1244)Lead Database (ML0)7/6/2017 15:00:007/6/2017 15:01:32
  • Leads Processed

Lastly, this type of view could be helpful for any asset, program, smartlist etc. Could be more widely applied.

If this is already on your docket as part of an upcoming release mentioned at summit -- my bad, but I hope it helps


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Amazing idea. Would also love to be able to see just a column with the number of leads that were added without having to view the list (although the list is quite helpful as well).