Lead Scoring - Allow score tokens and math

Lead Scoring - Allow score tokens and math

I would like to be able to do some scoring math using tokens in the Change Score flow step. This would require:

  1. scoring flow step to support score tokens (or other integer tokens)
  2. token math: i.e. Lead Score = {{lead.demographic_score}} + {{lead.behavioural_score}}
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This would be a life saver. We run into a lot of problems merging leads since Marketo automatically is adding the Leadscores of the two leads together (which often trigger FALSE MQLs, and creates a lot of confusion). I wanted to build a smart campaign where if Lead Score changed but neither Demographic or Behavior Score changed we would know it was a merge (because there is no "Lead was Merged" option in the filters). Then I was going to just add the Behavor & Demographic scores together to get the "Correct" leadscore (it still wouldnt be perfect since we'll lose the Behavior score for the secondary leads but it would be better than what we have now.)

In the meantime, we are creating a smart campaign where we set Leadscore = Behavior Score and then adding each component of the Demographic score back to the Leadscore. So our flow will look like this:

Lead Score = Behavior score

If job title = high
Leadscore +{{my.Job High}
If job title = medium
Leadscore +{{my.Job Medium}}
If job title = low 
Leadscore +{{my.Job Medium}}

If revenue = high
Leadscore +{{my.Revenue High}
If revenue = medium

Leadscore +{{my.Revenue Medium}
If revenue = low

Leadscore +{{my.Revenue Low}

... etc.

Hopefully then we will get the sum of Demographic + Behavior in our Lead Score, but it's annoying we cant just sum the two fields since the Change Score flow steps do take Program Tokens, just not Lead Tokens. 
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When is this going to be a thing? Most of my lead scores are messed up in some way because I am a human and I make errors and forget to turn on campaigns for the behavior/demographic scores, so then everything gets all wonky. My life (and my sales team lives) would be much better - and they could get more out of marketo if the two added together.

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Can't believe we still don't have this.  We want to apply a demographic score to a lead score after merging leads.  Can't do this unless the score is 0 because we can't do something as simple as Change Score +{{Lead.Demographic Score}}

- and I know SFDC can do it, but this is not always practical from an organisational point of view, and this is a function that should sit squarely in Marketo!

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Related to this, if you are using lead scoring you might also find value in this feature request: .  Score that go up must come down!

Currently there is not a way to decrease lead scores by a percentage - only by integer.  Linear score degradation (e.g. -5 points per week) does not reflect the reality of how sales reps' conversion rates decrease over time:

Percentage decrease is a good approximation.

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