Launchpoint Partner Ratings

Launchpoint Partner Ratings

It would be nice to rate partners on the Launchpiont site.  It is always nice to hear and see popularity of certain tools as well as how effective they have been.  I would imagine something similar to 

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Hi Josh - Thanks for posting this idea. This is definitely something that we understand the value in and the direction we're headed in. Although we're still a ways out from providing this functionality, we are currently building the infrastructure that would enable us to manage review content, so you can expect it in the future.


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Great idea, Josh!  It would be extremely helpful to have a central place where you can see reviews and rating related to that specific  integration, instead of having to ask a question on the community or sift through community discussions to find the most recent/relevant information.  Look forward to seeing this sometime in the future, Julie. 🙂
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This will be extremely useful. It is great to rely on the feedback from current users of these integrations.

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This would be very helpful and save some time in evaluations!

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