Introducing "Naming Conventions"

Introducing "Naming Conventions"

Hi Marketo,
I would like to introduce you to "Naming Conventions".

Your first lesson:
Apply the concept of Naming Convention, to the various aspects of the design studio.

"Content Blocks" / "Sections" / "Divs" / "Body text blocks"

 Guess what everybody! These are all the same thing! So lets call them ONE name.

Apparently there is not a standard name for the concept of a  "Content Block" / "Section" / "Div" / "Body text block"
The learning videos call them Content Blocks, ( Oh, and those learning videos... they don't tell me anything about how to create and configure  "Content Blocks" / "Sections" / "Divs" / "Body text blocks"  If they had told me, I would not have been looking for an hour and counting, on how to configure these, and I wouldn't have found all their extra names)
the Design studio calls them Sections,
They involve html <div> tags, a
nd yet this tutorial calls them "Body text blocks"
Says this near the intro:
However, if you want to mix two or three kinds of content, you will need to add more body text blocks to your email.”

Not applicable
Although the Dynamic Content video has chapters:
  1. Overview
  2. Segmentations
  3. Snippets
  4. Dynamic Emails
  5. Dynamic Landing Page
  6. Email Template
Somehow, the planners of this video fail to recognize that there is a leap from Creating Snippets, to Inserting Snippets into "Content Blocks" / "Sections" / "Divs" / "Body text blocks", but it does not inform the viewer how one actually creates the "Content Blocks" / "Sections" / "Divs" / "Body text blocks" into which Snippets are inserted.
Seems like there was a big step left out:
“Creating and Configuring Content Boxes” should be a chapter in this video series.

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