Integrated image resizer

Integrated image resizer

So yesterday I have someone ask me why her emails look so bad in mobile. I take a look and see that she's using high rez 17" x 22" 300dpi images in her email and resizing in HTML. I tell her she needs to resize them. Blank stare. I tell her the images are way too big. Frightened look of not knowing what to do. So I had to show her an external tool to resize images. Then it made sense to her, she got it.

Such functionality integrated in Marketo would save a trip out of Marketo. If we could upload images and set the size, or have the email / LP editor create the appropriate image size for us and be smart enough to know that's what we want, it'd save us quite a few steps.

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Hi Robb,

Surely needed, but already in the community


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Resizing and re-sampling are two different things.  I can't tell you how many people think you can just upload any size/dpi image and then resize it per the asset where it's being used.  Even if a 5000x500/20MB image is uploaded and then resized to 500x50, you still are dealing with a hugely inefficient image at 20MB.  Every image that's used in Marketo, must be sized to the asset with which it will be used - using Photoshop (any image editor can create these).

I'm assuming what you're asking for, Robb, is the ability for Marketo to also resample the image once it's been resized within the asset, correct?  If so, we're now dealing with one source image that can be repurposed across multiple assets.  So this will, in fact, create additional images (hidden from the interface, ideally - and done in the background) based on that source image.  I guess the question arises - what happens if that source image changes?  Does it cascade down to all assets that use that image as well?

A lot of website CMSes have this capability built-in.  A single image is used - for example on a case study index page (small images) and case study detail page (larger images), where the customer logo/image is used.

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Yeah, I guess what I'm thinking is that I can upload the high-rez big file and create resampled​ versions as needed.

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