Increase number of authorized contacts

Increase number of authorized contacts

Hi Marketo,

We have a number of users who do very unique functions to support our Marketo efforts. It's been really troublesome to obtain Marketo Support when the # of authorized contacts are limited to 4 users. 

Any consideration to increase the number? Or better yet, allow all users to be authorized contact?

Thanks for your consideration. It would help us users be more productive. 

Caryl Kao
Level 10
Thank you for the suggestion and we will certainly consider it as we are always looking for ways to enhance the support experience and benefits to our customers.
At the present time, we do offer support packages that have up to 6 and 8 authorized support contacts available.  If you would prefer to stay on your present support package, there are available options to increase your authorized support contact limits that our Marketo client services team can assist with

Your Markteo customer success manager is also a great resource for looking at ways to optimize your support experience.
Community Manager
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