Include Date filters for Program Performance Reports

Include Date filters for Program Performance Reports

Program Reports are very limited in terms of filtering right now! Our team has ongoing programs and campaigns that run continuously and would like a program performance report that can show us how the programs were doing last year, this year to date, etc. Adding a smart list tab to the program performance reports would increase their usefulness as well!

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Yes please! We're also really missing this functionality.

It would be good if you could combine the functionality of a "People performance" report with a "program performance" report. And if it includes the number of people added to a program, not just the number of people created via a program.

We do a lot of campaigns with leads/contacts that are already in our database - campaigns that go on for months. It would be good to see functionality in the program performance which shows the number of people added (not just created) to a program, grouped by the month/week when they were added to the program.

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We also desperately need this. We use program performance reports to track registrations for all our webinars (each webinar a different program), but need to be able to segment this further so we can say (for example), how many people from each country are registered or use some other qualifier. Having more filters or even better, a "smart list" (like in other reports) would be extremely useful!

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This is a report function that is absolutely critical to have. I'm not sure why this isn't included in basic reporting. It's included in the RCE, but it's too expensive just for this feature alone. Marketo, please add this!

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A date filter would make things so much easier! Seems so basic and like such a simple feature that's missing.

Would be great to be able to quickly filter to see which programs were currently active by just filtering the report to see how many had had members added in the last 30 days for instance.

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I'm amazed this isn't a feature already. This has been an idea for over 3 years - any update, Marketo?

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I fail to understand how MKTO can justify charging for ARB* when native reporting is so abysmal. ARB should be *free* or near-free given the limitations of native reporting (this long-ignored, very basic enhancement to prog perf report being a prime example) 

*had a demo last week (01/17/20) and ARB has not changed one mote since I used it 3 years ago, and consultant mentioned no known dev timeline to update (needs an overhaul as it's just a glorified pivot table)

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program performance without filters is extremely limiting. especially with new program member data. why set this if you can't use it to filter program performance.