Improvements to Form Validation Rules

Improvements to Form Validation Rules

Release Notes: January 2022

Form Validation Rules: Maintain the health of your database with the ability to block problematic or undesirable email domains from submitting Marketo Engage forms. The Global Form Validation Rule panel allows administrators to define a blocklist or enable a pre-defined list of free consumer domains to block from forms.


Improvement 1 - Validation rule assignment
Assign specific rule(s) to a single form. Applying rules for all forms is not always wanted. E.g. some forms should be able to receive email from, some don't.

Improvement 2 - Rule type

There should be possibility to have an "include" option as a Rule type. E.g. I only want persons from domain "" to fill in the form. Now you can only do this if you would exclude all the domains in the world (which is not possible - see next improvement).

Improvement 3 - Rules

Have the ability to upload a csv and connect it to a rule (like the free email provider list) > we would like to have a similar solution for 5000+ domains related to Disposable Email Domains. Now the rule field can only 2000 characters.

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Improvement #2 should be pretty straightforward. Without it, the feature becomes almost unusable as it would prevent anyone in your database already with one of the blocked domains from being able to ever update/change their preferences