Improved Administration of Marketing Calendar Licenses

Improved Administration of Marketing Calendar Licenses

Hi team,


currently the administration of Marketo Calendar licenses is a pain in the neck, because you cannot grant the licenses at user creation, but only after they have activated their accounts. Only then the option to assign a cal license becomes available. Neither is there an API we could use to set up a daily job to auto-assign the cal licenses, nor can you select multiple users at once and assign licenses to all of them in one go. Here’s a how-to: Issue/Revoke a Marketing Calendar License | Adobe Marketo Engage.



  1. Allow cal licenses to be applied at user creation already, not having to come back after activation.
  2. Add boolean flag in Admin to select if you would like to automatically assign a cal license at user creation.
  3. Enable multi-select of users and assign/remove cal licenses in bulk.
  4. Add API endpoint or enhance existing endpoint to assign/remove cal licenses.
  5. Include cal licenses as part of Roles

Pick any of these and it'll make our life so much easier. Thank you!


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