Implement Date & Time as part of an Event Program

Implement Date & Time as part of an Event Program

Date and Time should be built into Event programs at the start. When I create a Webinar program and tie it to an actual Webinar the program should recognize the date and time and allow me to use those as tokens. Currently you do not have Time tokens, which is a real drag and productivity loss. You have a Calendar File which allows me to set a time, but I can't use that in my SCs or LPs.

Ideally, there would be a Start Date and End Date for an event. Each day I'd be allowed to set times, so if it's a webinar I'd set it to one day and just put start / stop time. If it's a tradeshow I could put in multiple days and the times we'll be in the booth.

Instead of creating a separate Calendar File, one would already be created automatically. Perhaps put in a Description field as well.  All of this could be utilized by my Smart Campaigns, Emails and Landing Pages.

This would be a HUGE productivity gain.

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Full agreed.

If this was a event parameter, it should also be made available as a token. See


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