Hide Deliverability Tools to Marketo Users

Hide Deliverability Tools to Marketo Users

The home page tiles (My Marketo) looks great and shows all features and functions for your instance. 
For all admins of their Marketo instance, we can hide certain functions/features from users based on their role/workspace etc.

We can hide:

  • SEO
  • Revenue Explorer
  • Marketing Calendar
But yet we still can't hide Deliverability Tools... Can we get the ability hide this just like the rest of the features?
All users can see this and they use it and goes over the allotted usage which we get charged and I can’t prevent rouge users to stop.

Pretty please... πŸ™‚

Level 10

With the new July 2015 Product update mentions that hiding email deliverability is now a feature, do I finally got an idea into production...? Yippee!

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Status changed to: Open Ideas