Forms 2.0 Custom HTML for Thank You Page

Forms 2.0 Custom HTML for Thank You Page

It would be great to have the ability to have a Custom HTML Option for the thank you response/ follow up field. 

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Hey Chris,

I'm guessing you're looking to use this to swap out the form and replace it with the custom HTML without refreshing the page on formsubmit?

You can currently do this via the JS APIs on

Example 1 details how to hide the form on successful form submit and not take the user to a follow-up page.  You'll have to do a bit of additional work on top of the example to swap in the custom HTML block that you want.

Not something we'll be able to get to in the short term, I do like the idea of building this into the editor itself though.


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Hi Jason - just to add to this overall UI, it would be wonderful if

a) Custom HTML thank-yous on forms had access to ALL lead object data
b) Custom HTML shown for "known leads" also had access to ALL lead object data <-- currently, it looks like we have flexibility here (based on the documentation), but really it seems only first and last names are available. 

BTW - the JS API is no solution when we want to make use of autofill, so if we're trying to improve the experience for previously known leads, we're kind of stuck with landing pages and the editor...

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