Form insights


Form insights

I would love to see a way to see the forms our customers fill out at inception, before sync, before anything so that I can compare to how it looks on the other side when it is synced with SFDC, incase there was a hiccup in the sync.  I think this would be especially useful since we have noticed as of late some of this information is not getting pushed to SFDC and only showing in marketo (which is only helpful if one of us goes and looks it up, not for the rep working the lead).  It would be nice if the forms showed up like the emails did for the rep to view if necessary.

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I understand what you are saying.  I am speaking about a specific form that our customers fill out to schedule an assessment with our team.  I feel this is valuable for the rep who is calling to have all the information in front of them.  As a top sales rep (300% to quota consistently) I found that the more information I could leverage when making those phone calls the better. 

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So you create a note field in Marketo AND SFDC and sync the two. Just text fields. No translation to SFDC values.

Have a smart campaign that is triggered on the form fill.

Change Data Value for RawMarketoFormField:

Form Fill for {{trigger.Name}} on {{system.Date}}:
{{lead.Field 1}}

{{lead.Field 2}}, etc

<bug Sanford Whiteman​ for advice on how to put in Line Breaks for SFDC.>

Then sync this field over to SFDC to a corresponding text field.  Now you'll see the raw Marketo values they choose. I assume once the form values get to SFDC you're transforming them to conform with your SFDC fields? If so, why?  Isn't it less confusing to have the values in sync?

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Here's the actual way we do this:

Chrome Legacy Window 3292016 114349 AM.bmp.jpg

To make this readable, the comments are below.  {{my.Lead Source Detail}} is a token we use to make the program name human readable for the sales reps.

Form Values from {{}}

Budget: {{lead.USCAN-HIT-PRN Available Budget}}

Timing: {{lead.USCAN-HIT-PRN Purchase Timing}}

Inquiry Type: {{lead.USCAN-HIT-PRN Inquiry Type}}

Decision Authority: {{lead.USCAN-HIT-PRN Decision Authority}}

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I'm still a bit unclear as to what the issue is.  But what if generated real-time sales alerts that contained all of the detail necessary.  For example:


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