Filter on contacts at Accounts with CLOSED WON Opportunities

Filter on contacts at Accounts with CLOSED WON Opportunities

In order to track our official "Customers", the most efficient way is to pull all Accounts with Closed Won Opportunities.

It would be great if we could do this in Marketo.  I currently have to run a report in SalesForce showing all account numbers at accounts with Closed Won Opportunities, export it, and then create a Smart List in Marketo that pulls contacts at the accounts with those specific account numbers.  The problem with this is that not only is it time consuming, but it becomes outdated as soon as an opportunity is closed at a new customer.  So we always have to pull new 'customer' lists each time we want to email customers only.

If there's any workaround for this I'd love to hear it!


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Hi Todd,

I havent had to get such a list myself but it sounds like a good idea
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OK someone just changed the status of this to "Already Have It (Partially)".  How do I find out what the "partial" solution is?

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@kh-lschutte where do we have the solutions? We need it now, thanks