Expose the missing fields in Lead

Expose the missing fields in Lead

Expose the missing fields of Lead that are available in Marekto UI but not in SOAP/REST API
Below are the missing fields
Acquisition Date
Acquisition Program Name
Inferred Metropolitan Area:
Inferred Phone Area Code:
Inferred Postal Code:
Inferred State Region:
Last Interesting Moment Date:
Last Interesting Moment Desc:
Last Interesting Moment Source:
Last Interesting Moment Type:
Original Referrer:
Original Search Engine:
Original Search Phrase:
Original Source Info:
Original Source Type:
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Hello Marketo Community,

We just requested need to add the Acquisition Date and Acquisition Program Name to the REST API as it is not "available and not exposed" in Marketo API's.  I see that there are other Customers that have this same need.

To support our business and internal clients we need the ability to track and report revenue by acquisition program outside of Marketo.  Not having these fields exposed in the API requires up to create a process to extract the data from our CRM instance and port it into our Data Warehouse so we can leverage.  Time and effort we are hoping to avoid.




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An additional need for Original Source Type to be exposed in REST.  Is there any ETA?

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You can currently get that as originalSourceType both through the API and through the new Bulk Export API

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