Engagement Cycle - view leads per step in each stream

Engagement Cycle - view leads per step in each stream

It would be so amazing to see be able the number of leads that are in each program/step of a stream.

There are so many reasons this would be useful:
See how many people are getting close to exhausted content
See how many people were added in various periods of the stream
See how many people jumped to another stream.

Thanks for considering it!

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When on the stream tab, if you change the view from content to leads, you can see the number of leads (and drill down to the smart list) who received the last cast (who received the last content).  On the dashboard, there is widget that shows you the number of leads who are about to be exhausted and how many casts away from being exhausted they are.   What we don't have yet is the number of people who moved from stream to stream, but I do want to add that in.

Hope this helps.
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Thanks Cheryl!

I'm embarrassed to say I didn't know that was there. What a game-changer! 🙂
Thanks for being Awesome.

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Status changed to: Already have it