Emoji support in body copy of emails

Emoji support in body copy of emails

Hi Marketo,

I would ❤️ to be able to use a more extended range of emojis in emails , apart from unicode. I see other email marketing tools out there support the whole range of emojis and we could really use it in our communications.      ✉️

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Whoever marked "ALREADY HAVE IT (PARTIALLY)" without leaving a bread crumb explaining the support as a comment here, could you please do so.

The "Support" I see is causing an entire paragraph after the emojis in our email to just be completely clipped.

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@kh-lschutte - Please unmark this as "already have it." I can confirm that isn't the case. I've worked with Marketo support on getting emojis in my emails and they have confirmed that they currently only support Basic Multilingual Plane consists of the first 65536 characters. This does not include most of the emojis that we would like to use. I tried again and again with different work around methods and it's continued to break my emails. This is a small feature but a good feature that should be built into the email editor.  

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Yes please! Definitely doesn't work currently.