email program success by date

email program success by date

Allow for reporting of program successes within a date range. For example, I'm trying to find the successes from my email programs for a specific date range, and I'm not finding a workaround to do so.

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Hi Sarah, thanks for posting the Idea.

I don't know which subscription you're on, but if you have Revenue Explorer (an icon on the Analytics Home page), you can do it from there.

In the screenshot below you can see the following:

  1. Go to "Revenue Explorer" from Analytics Home
  2. Create a New Report, of type "Program Membership Analysis"
  3. Drag over Program Name, Success Date and Email Address
    • This will display which programs had success, which dates (within a filtered range) had program success, and which leads (email address) achieved program success
  4. I optionally added a Success Date filter (to, say, restrict to a specific date range of interest for the success), and a Program Channel filter (to, say, in this example restrict only to Social Programs)

If you don't have Revenue Explorer, you won't be able to run this type of report.  Let me know if this answers your question, or if I missed part of the question.


Brian Theodore

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