Email Performance Report that displays data for each "Run"

Email Performance Report that displays data for each "Run"

Limitation: Currently Marketo does not produce email performance reports that displays the data for each time the email has run (confirmed by Marketo support team). There is 'Run History' data in the smart campaign, though there is no way to produce a report which displays how many leads the email was sent to for that one day.

Requirement: a report that allows Marketo users to display and download the run history (so each time the smart campaign has been triggered) with email performance data.

e.g. a newsletter is sent every week day for one week. The user runs a report that displays the email performance data for each day in a list which is marked with the date, delivered, opens, and clicks etc.

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That'd be quite useful. We use Marketo to send our blog newsletters and without visibility over each run it becomes hard to track results

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This would be huge for us as well. We send 6 versions of our newsletter every few weeks, inserting dynamic content with tokens in to the same emails each time since we don't have the resources to make a brand new version every week. As it currently stands, we have essentially no visibility in to the performance of the email each time it is sent and it seems like a huge limitation.

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