Email Insights enhancements

Email Insights enhancements



 We are doing a lot of high level email performance reporting and because we are also ditching leads from Marketo, in order to keep our database clean and of course, because of the size cap we have.


In order to properly do this, we use Email Insights but there are a few things that would make our lives way better if changed.


1. It would be gold if we could select "by quarter" in the "by time" filter of the main graph. We usually have to export as "by month" and then have to bundle 3 months together. I understand that fiscal quarters might be different from company to company but not having it at all is not good. 



2. Because our email activity is split between Email Marketing and Email Nurturing, we have naming conventions in place, in order to make the difference but for example, when I want to select all the Nurturing programs in the main filter and write "DRIP", I then have to go and select one by one all the programs that contain the word DRIP. It would be super awesome if I could select in one click all the programs that contain a particular key word.



All in all, some a proper BI experience when reporting on email would make our lives way easier.


Thank you,