Email group to prevent double send out from form and engagement progam

Email group to prevent double send out from form and engagement progam

I would like to create email groups that would prevent sending out double information in engagement programs. These groups could contain of two or more emails, and if any of the email had previously been sent, it would skip any email in the group in an engagement program.

That way you could create one form email and one nurture email for the same content.


For example: I have 5 different gated content pieces about Category Z products.


The flow would look something like this:

1a. Fills out form "Product C, Category Z"

1b. Send "Product C Form Email"

1c. Add to Nurture program "Category Z"

2. Send "Product A, nurture mail"

3. Send "Product B, nurture mail"

4a. Fills out form "Product E, Category Z"

4b. Send "Product E, form Email"

4c. Skip adding to nurture program Category Z

5a. Skip "Product C, nurture mail" (as we've already sent the form email from the group)

5b. Send "Product D, nurture mail"

5c. Skip Product E nurture mail, and add to stream 2 or whatever you would like to do to push them further down the funnel.


We could probably use the email-blast program or something to do it similarly, but I think it would be very convenient to have this kind of email grouping. 

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Unless I'm misunderstanding your request here, the engagement program already has built in logic that ensures the same piece of content is not sent more than once to the same email address.
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No, I don't think you have this already. I'll try to explain a bit better. I would like to be able to create two different emails that is related to the same content. One "thank you for downloading"-emai and one "here is your nurture content"-email. Since the engagement program do not prevent the content itself from being sent more than once. The only thing it prevents is if the same email is being sent twice. 

I.e. I would like to be able to create the "thank you for downloading"-email and the "here is your nurture content"-email in the same group, and thus preventing the the engagement program from sending the "here is your nurture content"-email when somebody has already received the "thank you for downloading"-email. 

It is not always suitable to have the same email for form fillouts, as for engagement programs, but an email group or similar  would easily solve this. 

Or please help me understand if I can have two different emails and if one is sent out, the engagement program automatically stops the other. 



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You could do this by including the email as part of a default program inside the engagement stream. Then in your smart list, chose is member of engagement program and not received thank you for downloading email.
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Thank you Michelle!

That's what I meant with the program in the first comment. My thought was that it would be a lot easier to create a group. Then I would not have to create a program for all my emails, that is related to gated content that I have that is related to the particular stream. 
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Got it ..thanks for additional explanation.  Michelle's suggestion is really the only way to accomplish this today.  

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