Email editor 2.0: using a token for the image elements

Email editor 2.0: using a token for the image elements

The new image elements are great as they enable to secure the way images are insterted in an email and how the image will be formatted CSS-wise.

But then it is now impossible to set the image using a token. We can only use real images here:


This idea is about having a 4th choice here, that would be a token.

Would be great in conjunction with ​and this one


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I imagine you could edit the template HTML to insert the token and it would work/override (has anyone tried this?). But I agree, it is very annoying since our company likes to use banner images at the top of most emails (especially for event invites) and we tried to use the new image module as much as possible (as opposed to rich-text) for all of these templates before realizing we could not tokenize this.

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Hi Brendan,

You can still use an image variable to set the banner image. The inconvenience is that variables, unlike tokens, still require that you edit the email to change its value.

I have not tried recently the possibility to paste a token in an image variable. It might work since some improvement have been made on this with the latests version.


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I think I found a way around this problem. If you paste the token and quickly hit swap before it realizes what you just did, it seems to work!

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Wondering if any updates to this?