email 2.0: Allow duplicate modules to have different information


email 2.0: Allow duplicate modules to have different information

Right now, if you use the same module more than once in an email, the standard pieces (that are changed in the left-hand menu) must all be the same. I discovered this when I created an email and wanted to use the same type of block for two pieces of information and found that the "Read More" links could not be different from each other. Anything that you can click on and edit will work fine, it's just the items from the left-hand menu.

It would be great if we could utilize a module more than one time in an email.

I contacted support and they suggested I create an idea, below is their full response.

"Unfortunately, at this time, this is expected behavior. If one variable for the module is changed, then all the other variables in the module will display the same information."

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We just released "module level variables" that supports this exactly the way you want. Just add mktoModuleScope="true" to any variables in your template you want to work that way.

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Hello Justin Cooperman

I know that Marketo have released Global Variables and Local Variables for modules ( David Kreitter demonstrated this at Marketo User Group Melbourne this week) but not all modules have Global and Local Variables available so this idea should still be open.

For example I am using Slam Dunk (Marketo Starter Template) for an email and have used the Free-Text module twice and because the module only has Global Variables I cannot change the module background for just one use of that module - I wanted to keep one as white and change other to grey.


Considering the issues encountered this should not have the status of "Already Have It".

Thanks and seasons greetings!

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Hi Kara,

See my comment here:


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+1, and see mine. Our product offers support for local or global variables. Whether a variable is local or global is determined by how it is defined in the email template. If you mark them as mktoModuleScope="true" in your template, they will become local variables. If you want to make any changes to Marketo Starter Templates, they can all be downloaded from the template picker by right-clicking on any of them.

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