Download activity log of members of a smart list

Download activity log of members of a smart list

I want to downloads the activity log of all our leads from a certain campaign!

Currently this is a painfull task - into each user manually, clcik activity log, go to filter by email only, export file, click download, wait, open downloaded file, copy and paste details into another doc.

Ideally, I just go in select to download customer activity log of smartlist users, click email filter and now my complete activity log of those users in the campaign are downloaded.

Conclussion: About 4 hours a week saved!!!!
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This sort of reporting is sorely needed (with the abililty to filter specific acitivty detail like "interesting moments" so that it doesn't contain every piece of activity captured).  I recently asked if this was available (, but apparently it's quite detailed (using APIs) and not part of the core environment.
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Hey Dan, 

Thanks for your feedback. I've had a look at the APi method before, but came up against numerous obsticles, especially when field values have been overwritten.

Its my most feared question when I'm asked to look further into lead activity over a campaign. Hours of exporting individual lead details. C'mon maketo gets the finger out! 
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Marketo, your killing me here! Hours a week have been wasted downloading activity logs, just let me API a batch of them out pleassssssse!
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