Domain Alias picker for landing pages


Domain Alias picker for landing pages

The new Landing page layout is nice... but there's one thing I would add!


In our Marketo instance, we have several workspaces and domain aliases setup. I never use the default domain for the work I do in my workspaces and need to change the domain every time I open a landing page. It would be nice to be able to pick the domain alias when previewing the landing page. It would be nice to have an option in the admin area to set the default LP domain alias for each workspace.


At the moment, I'm using a javascript injected snippet to achieve a similar objective. A "Change Domain" drop-down allows me to pick the domain I want to use in one of the 4 workspaces I'm currently active in.


Using the drop down, I can pick the domain alias to use and it updates the link so I can click to open it or so I can copy it to the clipboard.



The drop down could contain a list of all alias domains or a sub-set configurable in the admin section for each workspace.