Disable autocomplete on email schedule time dropdown

Disable autocomplete on email schedule time dropdown

This is a persistent annoyance. Using the latest Chrome on OSX, when I start typing a time in an email program's "Schedule" box, the autocomplete takes over, and selects a time that is completely unintended. It keeps trying to do this. It's very easy to type a time of day, I don't need autocomplete to help me, particularly if it keeps trying to enter the wrong time.

For instance, say I want to send my email at 11:50pm PST. The moment I type "1", the overzealous autocomplete decides that I'm trying to send this at 1:00 AM (see below). Nope. I delete it, go back and add the second "1" so it says 11. Autocomplete again takes over and decides I'm going for 11:00 AM. Nope. I keep having to go back and fix the wrong guesses.

When moving quickly through these things, this kind of "feature" can get really annoying. Especially when it's completely unnecessary.

Screen Shot 2016-01-27 at 4.18.52 PM.png

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