Develop more native integrations with non-Salesforce CRMs

Develop more native integrations with non-Salesforce CRMs

I know this one is probably a big ask (which is why I also have this in the "new product" section), but I'd love to see other CRMs get more love with Marketo integrations out of the box (aka beyond simple SOAP API integration). One of the things I loved in my first integration with Salesforce was how turn-key the process was to get things synced. There were some complexities, but I was able to get the two systems talking without the need for an API guru or software developer.

I recently switched organizations to one that does not use SFDC, but SugarCRM. While a functional Marketo connector is available for Sugar via a 3rd party, there simply isn't the same breadth of features available in the integration as in Salesforce. This is a bit disappointing to me, as I was used to the convenience and functionality of things like the program-campaign sync, marketo sales insight, etc. To be clear, I don't see these as quality-of-life features, but critical features needed for sales team enablement, closed-loop reporting and accurate ROI tracking. The problem is significant enough that I'm actively campaigning to get us off SugarCRM and on to SFDC or at the very least Dynamics.

While I haven't seen firsthand the integrations with other non-SFDC CRMs, I suspect these feature limitations are probably a similar challenge.

I'd love to see stronger support directly from Marketo for native integration to these other CRMs. I know they aren't as big of a chunk of the market as SFDC, but stronger support for them makes the choice of Marketo as a solution far simpler for businesses, regardless of their existing CRM solutions.

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