Deleting Folders with Assets

Deleting Folders with Assets

Sometimes, an entire folder with all its contents need to be deleted. Rather than having to first delete every item within the folder before deleting the folder itself, there should be a way to delete the entire folder, including all of its assets or child campaigns. Perhaps include a pop-up "are you sure" window like you do for lead deletions.

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Totally agree.  However, you should only be able to delete all assets in the folder or program so long as they are not used by other assets in your instance.
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I find this a very useful idea.  Often times I clone programs and there are folders that I don't need and I just want to be able to delete them without having to disassociate them from a campaign and having to unapprove emails.  
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I like this idea. It saves time on such tediousness.  
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I agree, specially when running test Programs it is extremely time consuming to have to delete every asset within each folder.

The pop up would be very useful and should tell you if the assets are being used in any other Program.

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