Custom URL Preferences/Values

Custom URL Preferences/Values

Marketo has very well-thought-through naming conventions/recommendations when setting up your instance. This is great because it helps you stay organized right from the get-go. What's not so great is that the program and landing page naming conventions ("WP 2016-06 White Paper Name" and "LP-Download" for example) cause the URLs to be messy because the URLs pull in the program name and the landing page name to create the URL. You then have to go in and manually update every single URL, even if you're building from a template.


I would love to see a way to either tokenize or pre-set the preferences for how a URL is built so that I don't have to worry about changing them every time. Even if I could set it to ignore the first part of the program name (remove "WP 2016-06" and just keep "White Paper Name", same with the landing page, remove "LP-" and keep "Download") it would save so much time.


I understand that URLs are a bit finicky because you need to figure out redirect rules and make sure that they aren't TOO easy to change, otherwise you might run into issues with broken URLs, however I do think there's a better way to handle them.

Also, it would be WONDERFUL if the URL Builder let you save the links you build using hidden fields.


is a very similar idea, but it's pretty old so I figured it could use a refresh.

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If I could upvote this 12 times I would. I just gave training to my users and this is a hard step for them to remember since it's not on the "edit" landing page area and it doesn't give you a reminder or heads up to change it. Plus it's the ugliest URL i've ever seen. Great idea Rachel!

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Christina Zuniga​ in the mean time, I created a spreadsheet that has our standard naming conventions for landing pages so that I/my team wouldn't forget how to name programs, especially for more complex program builds (like events that require an RSVP). It just requires that the person building the program know what they want the body of the URL to be, then the end (denoted by an underscore) is standard because we track visits via Google Analytics.


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Great idea! I put the step into their training and usually they look at the previous program of that same type.

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