Custom Fiscal Calendar Dates in RCE

Custom Fiscal Calendar Dates in RCE

It would be very helpful for reporting purposes to have the ability to define custom fiscal calendar dates in the Revenue Cycle Explorer since companies don't necessarily use the calendar year time frame for their fiscal year.

I'm creating a dashboard for management and would like to include a report of leads generated by fiscal quarter. However, I am hesitant to present such a report as I am sure that reading a chart or graph with different quarters than they're used too will confuse them.

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Why is it possible in Salesforce to set a custom Fiscal Year, but not in Marketo.  Can we pull the Fiscal Year from Salesforce, or is it possible to create a Fiscal Year in Marketo for reporting purposes.  This is HUGELY important.Ideas

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Hi, just checking if there's any update on this? We have the same issue re: different fiscal year and quarters. Our stakeholders want quarterly breakdowns, but the months are not grouped the same as all other reports.

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Still wish this existed across the board in Marketo! Would be helpful in basic reports as well as RCE.