Custom Field for Duplicate Filtering

Custom Field for Duplicate Filtering

Our company's product is built off of the assuming that one person can create multiple product accounts. This is just the nature of our business. Therefore we have two unique identifiers that are very specific for filtering out legitimate duplicates. Email and a custom "Account ID" field. We've attempted to utilize the EasyMerge tool but it has not really lived up to it's name of "Easy" since our situation complicates it with very specific exclusion rules. If we were able to use the "Find Duplicate" filter off of this account ID and email we would be able to easily keep our database clean of duplicates. I know i've seen other people with similar needs and it would be great to have other fields that could use this filter

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I was used in IBM Marketing Cloud to choose comfortable ANY FIELD for finding duplicates in my database.

We made a de-duplication workflow each morning to keep our database clean.

For e.g. a contact marriage and change his email and last name, nobody will be able to de-duplicate at the moment in marketo.

That's a pity-

Please see IBM Marketing Cloud Screenshot:


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