Company Lead Score

Company Lead Score

Aggregate the lead scores of contacts within an organization to create a Company Lead Score.

Marketo users are able to deliver content that helps progress relationships based on a contacts Lead Score.  However, we're unable to do the same based on the interest level across an organization.

Assume that the lead scores of 3 people from Disney progress because of certain actions taken:
Contact 1 - Downloaded a white paper about Oracle Financials - (Lead Score +5)
Contact 2 - Downloaded a white paper about Siebel  - (Lead Score +5)
Contact 3 - Downloaded a white paper about - - (Lead Score +5)

Each contact's lead score is 5, however, their Aggregate Company Lead Score is 15.

If there was a Company Lead Score in Marketo that rolled up the lead scores of contacts within an organizaiton, users would be in a better position to act on companies where interest is high.

We are now using Company Lead score to drive our inside sales program.

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Hey Rick,

I like the idea of Company Scoring, we actually use the same example that Delinda has above to take a look at aggregate company score.

The one thing to be care of I suppose is that summarized company scoring can be very misleading depending on the number of contacts you have at a company.  

If you have 5 contacts who are all at lead score of 50, that would be a great account.
What about 1 contact at a score of 150?
What about 150 contacts at a score of 1?

I'm not saying that "average" company score would solve all of the problems, but I think there definitely has to be some more variables taken into consideration like: Employee Size, Engaged Employee Size (# of Contacts who have a lead score), or Score of "In Profile" contacts maybe?  not just records in the system who's score may skew results?  For example a SaaS company who holds user record data in the system.  One of the users may have a lead score of 1000 because they visit the site everyday, but all I really care about for Company Score is the management contacts associated to that account. the idea, just some additional topics for discussion.

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I'm a bit bummed to see this is marked as "We Like It" but is well over two years old. Does this have any hope of going further?

In our business model, the account is much more important (as a prospect) than any individual. And the parent account is the true target. To cite Dan's example, we sell to ESPN and ABC, but we're really targeting the big sale at Disney. I want to score based on all activities by all people in the Disney family of companies. If suddently the heads of programming of both ESPN and ABC are doing significant activity, this means our sales team should be talking to their boss at Disney.
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Thanks for giving this some Love Ed.

"the account is much more important (as a prospect) than any individual."

For me, this would be a no-brainer.
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Any idea if this is still on the radar? It would be really great to see this as a future enhancement!
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Subscribing - looking to roll out something similar and would love to hear what logic others have incorporated and how it's worked
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Subscribing as well. 

In addition to Delinda's report suggestion, you could also potentially use a headless flow (if you are in the SFDC Process Builder pilot) to automatically summarize the scores of contacts at the account level using visual workflow. 

E.g., if contact lead score changes, kick of visual workflow, look up all contacts with the related account ID, add up their scores, assign to account score field. 

Haven't tried this to ensure it works though. 
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That sounds workable, Justin, but wouldn't it put huge pressure on SFDC? In a large database, with scores changing all the time, you're talking about a vast number of operations running basically continuously. (Not that I'm an SFDC programmer... just suspect this would be true.)
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Great point Ed.

Looking at the governor limits for Flow:

Seems fairly extensive but seems you could definitely bump into problems with a large and active database. Some of the definitions I'm a bit foggy on so I'd want to consult a technical SFDC resource to understand how these would apply in practice. 
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Hi all,

My 2 cents : you will very likely bump into governors limits with visual workflows and/or Process builder, even with a not that large DB : each lead will trigger at least 2 SOQL querys (1 to compute the total, 1 to update the account). As a result, with 50 leads in 1 update from Marketo, you will reach the 100 queries.

You will have to develop a trigger to make it work. With a trigger, you would be able to get it done with 2 or 3 queries, and each transaction would be able to handle 10000 accounts inlcuding 50000 contacts.

The trigger is not that difficult to get done, though, since data aggregation is a very common reason for trigger developments. The hardest point might well be to convince IT guys to make it happen 🙂

Best regards,
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Greg, thanks for confirming, and looks like you were spot on Ed. 

An Apex trigger then seems like a  viable way to get the aggregation working at the individual account level. 

And at that point you could still use it to trigger activities in Marketo.